Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gay slips in to house with OPUBCO's help

Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:58 PM
Subject: Oklahoman of old where are you

I worked for Mr. EK Gaylord and his son Edward Gaylord and they were good and honorable tho pragmatic newspapermen. They stood for morality and truth and were responsible stewards of news, reporting all sides of most issues. The Gaylords have done great and admirable things for our state with little abuse of the power they hold until now.
During the primary election I watched as the Daily Oklahoman failed in its duty to inform the public that one of the candidates for our House of Representatives was a homosexual activist under the tutelage of out of state radical sexuality organizations . Several times I emailed copies of the story of his support and training by these gay political alliances easily obtainable on the web. The candidate won by 1% and an informed readership of our "state newspaper" would have undoubtedly affected his candidacy in the negative. The story of his victory then became front page news. The city editorship at the Daily Oklahoman obviously refused to publish the truth and we are shackled in our state house with a change agent for obscene sexuality.
Mr. readers we have choices and your believability rises or falls on our support. You must fire the editors responsible for this travesty and apologize to the good and moral citizenship to reclaim that believability.

Jimmie Martin
Newcastle, Oklahoma


Glenda Gonzales said...

Criticizing the administration's handling of the Haiti disaster, as Rush Limbaugh has crticized, is inappropriate no matter the coldness of the administration machine.
A comprehensive understanding, however, is helpful.
In the 1880s President Grover Cleveland vetoed a congressional appropriation unconstitutional, of $10,000 to drought-stricken farmers in Texas. Absent the appropriation, the gracious American people on their own gave 10 times the appropriated amount, $100,000, to the farmers.
On federal appropriations later approved, questions are raised about where do the funds first go, how is the money distributed, who receives the distribution, and how much money is left that goes directly to the aid.
Were the president today to free corporate America, unloose the free market and ease the tax burden, the generous American people on their own would multiply the one-hundred-million dollars to the Haitians.
Furthermore, the people's donations would be straightly directed to diligent organizations who would use practically all of the funds to aid the Haitian people.

lmrevere said...

I have worked for 50 years !!! I contribute 3500 a year for my medicare!!!! these are not free !!! Folks need this money and have given to this country their whole lives and deserve better than your stupid cartoon in the Sunday paper....

lmrevere said...

I have worked 50 years!!!!I contribute 3500 bucks for my medicare!NOT free and your cartoon is very ofensaive!!!