Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Real cowboys ride one horse at a time

Bush is an Ivy League Texas transplant and he is no cowboy. A cowboy only rides one horse at a time. Bush has straddled the Hispanic donkey at the same time he was riding the Gringo Appaloosa. He has driven the socialist band wagon while pretending to be a fiscal and moral plow horse. He has straddled so many fences he must be an expert on barbed wire. His administration started out like a traditional County Fair horse race and has ended up a night mare. I could never ride that pro gay pro choice donkey but I will be switching to a horse of a different color as an independent in the next race.

Jim Martin
Newcastle, Oklahoma

jdm2006/04/11 submitted to several

Hollywood change agents

Hollywood is adicted to making perversity the norm
and making normality the perverse.
The Academy awards was replete with placing honor and recognition on perverted paths that most of us do not tread. The reason that most of us do not take those paths are bound up in common sense and self discipline. A great majority of Americans possess a love and belief in the Creator and His rules of behavior. Each of us have mundane desires and weakness that we must overcome. To apply the Hollywood “if it feels good ...do it” mantra to society opens a Pandora’s box that distorts all morality and eventually the rule of law. Vote against this attack on our morality by abstaining from buying tickets.

jdm2006/03/05 published Daily Oklahoman

Conservative Socialism

Conservative socialism
W. Bush has been the most socialist President we have had since the left’s beloved FDR. He plays so fast and loose with the taxpayers money that I would like to see a Billion dollar bail out for the Tornado damage suffered by past generations of tornado belt citizens. True we all realize the chance we take by living in the alley but so do those that Bush is bailing out of their bad choices with other people’s money.. I guess I would have had to vote for him last election considering who was on the other side anyway but it just irks me that his handlers made me think he was a sincere conservative. Time has shown him to be neither sincere or conservative. Those national political ad agency are so expert at lying to us you would think they were trained by the Devil himself in their liberal ivy league universities.

Jim Martin, Newcastle

jdm2006/2/11 Daily Oklahoman submission

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gospel according to National Geographic

The National Geographic has thruout their history been a disgracer and enemy of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Before Abraham and “Ur of the Chaldees” was proven to an historical person and city National Geographic was beating the drum of mythologizing both the historical person and city. Even after their presumptions are proven wrong they fail to come to grips with reality by admitting their myriad mistakes. They were the first to publish the now discredited “missing links” manufactured by the atheist scientielitelete in the British isles and even now will publish articles that include junk scientific speculation as they have in the Judas gospel smear campaign. Ignore their attempt at demonizing our canon of the Holy Bible and admire the pretty pictures they print.

Jim Martin
Newcastle, Oklahoma

jdm/2006/04/10 submissions to several papers

Sunday, April 02, 2006

USA's Homeland peoples are still here

Someone is lying to the Hispanic Liberation Theology movement in California and the Southwestern states. They are taught that states like California and others are really their homeland. The fact is that over 100 tribes of North American Native Americans remain in California and are currently recognized by the governing authorities in our nation. This is their homeland and not the homeland of the protesting law breakers who illegally or legally migrated here in the past few decades. The indigenous tribes of all our 50 states have a small but proud remnant who are still in their tribal territory. The great majority have intermarried with the occupying Europeans and over half of the population carry the DNA of the original inhabitants and Caucasians migrants since 1492. The rogue Catholic priests who are advocating the violent overthrow of the majority elected government of the United States should be chastised by their ruling ecclesiastical
authority and prosecuted by the federal authorizes. The FCC licensed broadcast media that are advocating the overthrow of our government should have their public broadcast licence revoked.

Jim Martin
Newcastle, Oklahoma
submitted to Daily Oklahoman 2006/04/02