Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crumbling bridge

Dear Editor,
Our children are often called our "Bridge to the future" and it is clear that the educational bridge has become irreparable. No amount of money we have thrown at the problem has fixed it. It is time for the parents as voters and citizens to take back control of their children's education. Parents provide the food, shelter and clothing of their offspring with out help from the teachers unions. Imagine the chaos that would result if the National Education Association was involved with the other aspects of raising a child!
The answers is to privatize education thru the voucher system or other inovations... The mega billions of money that pours down the greedy selfish nationally unionized sewer called modern education put back in the parents hands could purchase educational services excellence for all students. Harsh as it may seem to those who draw the public school paycheck to dismantle this "broken bridge" you would probably find the profit better in your own well managed private school effort. Millions of great teachers would respond to the call for local private schools and the result would be free enterprise excellence for every student..
Let us build a new bridge to the future where food, shelter, clothing and education are equally and solely the domain and responsibity of parents and free the government to do it's mandated responsibilities building roads, postal efforts , defending our borders and country, and other legitimate functions.
Home schoolers and private schools have shown us the way. What works for them will work for everyone.

Jimmie Martin
Newcastle, Oklahoma

submitted to Oklahoman on July 24, 2006

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